Born in Athens, in 1980. Lives and works in Athens. She is a member of the artist
group “Under Construction”
2007 – 2009 MFA, Athens School of Fine Arts
2000 – 2005 Athens School of Fine Arts


2017 “Picnic in North Korea” CAN Christina Androulidaki  Gallery, Athens


2019, “Τhe folk / Τα δημώδη”, the Symptom Projects, Museum of Folk Art and Tradition «Angeliki Chatzimichali»  Athens, Greece, Curator: Apostolis Artinos

2018,  “Τhe folk / Τα δημώδη”, the Symptom Projects, Panourgia Museum, Amfissa, Greece, Curator: Apostolis Artinos,

2017, Face to Phase, Performative Exhibition, Athens School of Fine Arts,  Athens,  Curator: Tzeni Argiriou & Vasilis Gerodimos
2015 “Άντερ Κονστράξιον”Athens Biennale, Omonoia,Under Construction group, Athens2015 “Unknown Artist”, S. Tryfon Cultural Center, Mythimna, Lesvos
Curator: Christina Sgouromiti
2014 “Minimum Structure”, Romantso, Athens
Curator: Apostolis Artinos
“Failure”, The symptom project, old hospital of Amfissa
Curator: Theodoros Zafeiropoulos
2013 “Afresh”, National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Athens
Curators: Dafni Vitali, Dafni Dragona, Tina Pandi
“Towards Tinos”, Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Tinos
Curator: Christoforos Marinos
“Thrills and Chills”, Daily Lazy projects, Art Athina
“The Architectural Object”, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens
Curator: Katerina Nikou
2012 “Vanishing Point”, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki, Greece
Curators: Katerina Nikou, Galini Notti, Evita Tsokanta
“NLP”, Hosted in Athens, Empros Theater, Under Costruction group,
2011 “EXIT”, Athens Biennale, Monodrome, Under Construction group, Athens
“Self as a Stage”, ReMap KM3, Under Construction group, Athens
“Placement-misplacement-displacement”,ReMap KM3, ΑΔ Gallery, Athens
Curator: Christina Androulidaki
“Post Graduate Students” Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens
2010 “Chain Reaction”, The Art Foundation (TAF), Athens
Curators: Galini Notti, Evita Tsokanta, Evaggelia Ledaki
“Utopia Project 2006-2010”, Institute of Contemporary Greek Art (ISET),
“In Real Time”, Beautiful World, Heavenly Creation vol. II,
Under Construction group, Athens Municipal Market of Kipseli, Athens
“Oasis”, Polixronopoulos Museum, Kineta
Removal- Residence, Patra’s International Festival, Old Municipal Baths,
Curator: Andreas Ioannidis
2009 “Head Start”, Elefteria’s Park, Athens
Curators: Alexandra Oikonomou, Anna Chatzinassiou
“Beautiful World, Heavenly Creation” vol. I, Open Lido 12,
Under Construction group, Lido, Venice
“EXIT”, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Under Construction group, Athens
2008 “My Living Room”, Our Living Room, Under Construction group, Athens
Curator: Sotirios Bachtsetzis
“Άντερ Κονστράξιον”, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki